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Rebar 3-D BIM

Rebar 3-D BIM3-D BIM rendering of concrete reinforcing steel rebar.

3D-BIM Rebar Detailing

The next generation of rebar detailing is here! Imagine if you could visualize your construction project from start to finish and from the inside out. With building information modeling (BIM), you can, and Lloyd Rebar can show you how.

What is 3D BIM?

Building information modeling is the process of digitally producing the form and the function of a building or additional types of construction projects. 3D modeling allows your construction project to come to life before the foundation is even dug. But more importantly, 3D BIM allows you to take a virtual and realistic look into how all building components work together, including structural components.


What are the benefits of 3D BIM?

  • 3D BIM involves the entire building process, which results in time savings and the ability to receive more accurate estimates.
  • The reduction of errors and omissions from designs and structural plans.
  • Cost control and predictability.
  • The potential for quicker client approval – and much more!